2014 Tv Shows to see during Arrow, Game of Thrones season break

So most of your usual favourite TV shows like Arrow, Game of Thrones and The Blacklist have gone on season a seasonal break, that doesn’t mean its time to avoid TV entirely though as there are some new shows to look forward to currently.

Well for starters there’s a mini series currently airing called the world cup, starring the worlds biggest ensemble of star players and what not.
On a serious note though you can look out for the following shows. Keep in mind this is my personal list so it might not be to your liking.

Suits: Smart guy who couldn’t finish his law school program begins pretending to be a Harvard law grad,with interesting consequences. This is Suits’ 4th season and is currently airing.

Falling Skies: Aliens that have conquered worlds(mostly thanks to their brain washing enslavement tech) invade earth. Humanity’s last chance and final resistance will see some unlikely alliances been made to ensure survival. This is Falling Skies’ 4th season and is currently airing.

Under the Dome: Stephen King fans know this story, about an invisible mysterious dome that engulfs a small town. What happens when you cage a bunch of people in with some holding deadly secrets that they want to keep hidden? Haven fans will love this.

True Blood: I hear its a good show about vampires and other creatures, truthfully don’t know, haven’t seen it. Airing its 7th and final season. I bet Twilight and vampire diaries fans will like it.


Power: Produced by 50cent its actually shocking that this show has some viewing value. Power is about a drug dealer named Ghost trying to go clean using his legit businesses while most of his closest people like his wife and partner keep pulling him back into the dark streets of the underworld.

Dominion: Sequel to the movie legion about a post apocalyptic world in a war between angels and humans after God goes away.

Salem: Based on the Salem witch trials, this series aims to set a scenery to events that might have led to that.

Penny Dreadful: Think of this as a serial version of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Where Dr Frankenstein and crew battle the supernatural forces like vampires, werewolves and Frankenstein’s monsters.

Crossbones: The tale of the British empire fighting piracy during the 1700 and the legendary pirate Blackbeard. Fans of shows like Vikings will love this one, plus it stars John Malkovich.

For now these are shows am watching. I will add another list should the number grow.


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