Resident Evil: Damnation and all the good cgi full featured movies

Capcom and Namco have made it a habit to add a full featured cgi movie to any game release they make these days on their biggest platform sellers, Resident Evil for Capcom and Tekken for capcom, we might even throw in Square’s Final Fantasy to make it a fair fight.

Best cgi based movie for me in the last 3 years is now officially Resident Evil: Damnation. Capcom went all the way with this one from fight scene choreography to music score, it felt so mature and big budget like, a feeling I never got in their last in game movie slot in Resident Evil: Degeneration, though its a good movie I wouldn’t dare call it great, same goes for Namco’s Tekken Bloodlines though this one has a fast paced great action sequence at the end I wouldn’t say the same for its story, it just feels stiff and forced. Before I saw Res Evil Damnation my greatest and favourite game based cgi full featured movie was Square’s Final Fantasy:Advent Children. But as things stand Damnation and Advent Children for me stand on a tie for great action, detail in environment and fluid motion during fight sequences, and not to mention the musical score just might make u cheer when your guy is winning and cry a lil when some fool dies. What is yours? Share your insight as to why it is as such.

All time great cgi movies based on games.

1. Resident Evil: Damnation & Final Fantasy: Advent Children.

2. Resident Evil: Degeneration

3. Tekken: Bloodlines

Hope Resident Evil 6’s Leon is in top notch condition like he was in degeneration and. Damnation on the game that went with it.
Tekken’s Jin and his messed up father and abusive granny certainly were in Tekken 6.


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