Apple Vs Samsung Saga: The end to the legendary battle draws near…


So things for Samsung and Apple just got nasty, with documents revealing most of Samsung’s high end devices are usually based on designs from the company they consider their competitors like in the past it was Nokia n now its Apple. What is bad about it though is that there are claims going round that Google, the makers of the now very popular Linux based mobile operating system, Android actually warned Samsung against making devices so similar to Apple’s most especially on the Galaxy Tablets. 7 of Best Buys 30 stores also revealed that returns of Galaxy Tabs by customers was due to them mistaking it for an Ipad hence their reason for getting it in the first place, further solidifying Apple’s claim for justice in the halting of the sale of certain devices from Samsung’s offering. Also another very disturbing factor is that Samsung’s own designers that worked on the Galaxy claimed in the past that it was regrettable that the Galaxy S looked too similar to the older versions of the iPhone and Samsung paid internal product evaluators also stated the same. Going as far as stating that Samsung’s internal goal for the year 2012 is to beat Apple in every arena (not that that’s a bad thing, I mean lets get real here, who doesn’t want to beat their competitor? Not wanting to defeats purpose of actually competing) how ever if used against Samsung in a court hearing, this would imply Samsung had a premeditated intention to copy, and see overall ban of Samsung’s popular devices that resemble Apple products in the slightest way in many countries. If fined I can only imagine fine would be enough to bankrupt Samsung mobile division, I admit what Samsung did is wrong, if they did it but hey dont we all get inspiration from somewhere? True originals are rare if any as we all need inspiration to have anything creative, does that also fall under copying? Its ironic that these guys are fighting considering most of the technologies they are using were being used by Nokia n Motorola way before them. Yes I said it, Apple is also just as guilty as Samsung so sue me…..Only original product am aware of from Apple is that they are the first major corporation with an openly gay CEO.

Some of the devices in question:

Galaxy Tab (left) and Ipad (right)


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