Google I/O is underway, what you missed

So as you know Google I/O developers conference went underway today. There still a few days to go till it ends but here are some of the highlights for the opening keynote you might have missed. Read to the bottom for the most anticipated announcement in my opinion that is(learnt this bad habit of my opinion from a judge in the good wife).
Dolphin browser(currently default browser) is being dropped as the default for Google’s own chrome, which has left beta(development) stage on the android platform version Jelly bean. Google has praised chrome for how it handles css3 and html5(new web standards), if users can not wait for the Jelly bean update to start rolling out they have option to get it(chrome) from the market place(play store). For those in a rush to update, keep in mind chrome android does not have support for flash(a browser plugin that allows you to stream content from sites like youtube, angry birds facebook).
The Google offline maps update is now official for supported countries. What does this bring? Well it will cache you current location against your destination, what this means is that the map will be physically stored on you device temporarily and will allow faster load times as it won’t require connecting to you carrier network.
Another announcement worth noting for those of you into the cloud(online storage), Google has developed its own online social content streamer, the Google Q. It will run on android, will have support for micro-usb,wifi,bluetooth,nfc and will come with 1gb ram and 16gb storage.
Google also unveiled their very cheap powerful but lacking some features tablet that starts shipping July. The Google nexus 7 is a wifi only tablet made by Asus will be one of the first Google products to run the Jelly bean version of android and will have chrome as its default browser. It will come in two flavors 8gb/16gb variants and like all nexus series will not support storage expansion(memory card). Will support a 1.3ghz quard core processor(nvidia tegra 3 will handle gpu requirements) a very small 1.2mp front facing camera that will have 720p HD recording capabilities. Screen estate will be at 7 inches at 1280×800 resolution and will support wifi and NFC(near field communication, more like a hybrid of infrared, bluetooth and wifi). Cost will be $199 for the 8gb and $249 for the 16gb versions, that’s a great bargain if you consider it runs stock android, meaning you are the first to rom get updates from Google but keep in mind for that price Google sacrificed 3g support limiting your wireless communication to wifi only, which aint a bad deal at all from were am standing and a dedicated rear camera(I would never buy a tablet for its image capturing potential but,hey who am I to say) to make it a budget tablet that offers premium experience for less, as the recession has affected everyone(with the exception of our country’s corrupt politicians that bury money like mafias) this is a tablet for everyone( well everyone with a $200 to spare).
Last but not the least(definitely not the least atleast in my opinion,and am entitled to one) is the Google glass. This is a futurists(be it nerd or sci-fi adddicts) wet dream, literally. Now its still in its early development stages but we all know where its headed. So what’s Google glass? Well these are for lack of better terms due to ignorance brought on by rap, shades. Yes you heard right, they are glasses you can wear but what sets them apart from your ray bans is what they can do. They will contain a camera, processor and all the gadgetry like radios(bluetooth, wifi n nfc) to make you feel like James Banda(our version of Bond). While wearing them you will be able to watch videos, search for content online(let’s just call it browsing), update your social networks, capture video and still images(with native support to your social networks, people surely how much of your life can you put on the web, am a paranoid being as cool as it sounds am not buying it) and not forgetting navigation(future support for augmented reality, if you don’t know what that is Google it). If you still don’t get what am talking about, think of this as a device that makes you see the world through robocop/ironmans eyes minus the metallic suits of course. There is a version for very rich testers out there the Google glass explorer going for a hefty, yes I said hefty $1,500 each (better off getting me a vitz or prius lol j.k).
Well that’s all that was worth noting from the keynote address in my opinion again of that is. If you like my very particular taste of selecting what’s relevant, then keep checking for more updates as days go by.


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