Windows 8 and Phone 8

windows 8 Live Tiles system

A few days ago Microsoft introduced officially Windows 8 & Phone 8 respectively.
This is an interface overhaul on the desktop side and a continuance improvement on the mobile front. Forget what you think you know about windows, the new OS will have two interfaces running simultaneously on the desktop side, with the legacy explorer view and incorporating the new live windows tiles.

As much as you can run it offline, this new OS is targeted at audiences intune with cloud computing and social networking, where a search on the computer will search everything from local machine to your social networking accounts(search for technatik and it will show you anything related to technatik, be it email, facebook or music file on pc). Also i hear purchase of any device running this OS entitles you more than enough gigabytes on microsofts version of Drop box, the skydrive. Those with hotmail accounts or windows phone 7 devices have previewed this.

But all this novelties wont be the selling point of the new OS in my eyes, the shared core IS!!!!
What is a shared core you might ask? well simply put, kernel of the OS will be the same across all devices running Windows 8 and its mobile variant, meaning developers wont have to change much code to port a mobile application to the desktop and vice versa. Infact aside from resolution and hardware requirements, microsoft claims you should be able to run the exact desktop version of an application  on your mobile aside from a few perks like it being downscaled to meet your screen estate requirements.

If you are into the tech game as I am, you should know that this is a great game changer if not a killer. How you may ask, because every developer will flock to windows, because porting and developing  apps will be easy considering they are keeping the development environment under C++ that most coders know even just out of grad school.

What is developer relevance to windows 8 success? Applications of course, end users are on whatever platform they are on  because of applications believe it or not. No software company sales  devices based on looks or hardware, its usually applications, what the device is capable of doing for you. What a device can do for you has always been a selling point for any and every tech, from 3d transparent transitions in win7 to siri in iphone. You dint buy a galaxy because it looks out of this world you bought it because of what you heard it can do.  Here is a more indepth example, Android is big because of its robust application ecosytem from customization to games and applications and what makes it so great is its backward compartibility like how applications will run on different versions of android from froyo to ginger bread and ice cream cup cake. And believe on not a unison ecosystem is the new big thing, even sony has the psp vita running ps3 games if you wana continue playing uncharted away from home. Now imagine having that on every device imaginable. From desktop, laptop, servers, tablets, xbox and finally phone. And  yes you heard right the new platfrom will have support for xbox across devices. This with the revamped application monetisation policy for developers for every application in the market store will have every, if not all developers developing quality applications for the new OS. So forget the ugly interface(in my opinion) consider the applications and microsoft has a winner here.

However I believe microsoft is playing on a double edged knife, with them deciding to manufacture its own devices on some fronts like tablets (search for the new microsoft surface tablet). It might excel like apple has with the iphone and ipad or fail if key manufacturers like dell or lenovo are left in the cold with some people preferring only to buy specific brands(in my case its hp,acer and dell). However innovation shown in the surface tablet is like nothing i have seen before, so kudos to the development and design team, am sure even apple’s ipad is pissing in its pants. Microsofts reason of course as selfish as it sounds is one I support, they want to fully optmise software and hardware interaction as sometimes device manufacturers fail to work in tune with what software developers intended. So this device should be perfect and bug free well atleast according to them. So this is what you have missed out on the past week’s tech world news and gossip. Just a few more days till the much anticipated Google Developer IO conference. This is were the master of diversification will introduce new products from web standards to new developments like the new android version, the rumoured jelly beans….


PS: All those with windows phone 7 wont be able to upgrade to windows phone 8, just some cosmetics updates will be available  to bring it to windows 7.8 from 7.5


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