Out with the old, in with the new. 0pera Mini v7.0 out

Ok so opera desktop might not be the greatest browser out there but its mobile child the Opera mini is.
Anyone that owns a phone with access to internet knows what opera mini is and what is does, even on full featured web browser enabled phones like e7,galaxy or iphone and we always look forward to a new update.
Well fans and users of opera mini an update has been released for phones that support opera mini v6.5 there is now version v7.0.
I will keep you updated on feature set as am still using it but from the obvious they have upped the user interface to have more options on the following:
* it now has a home button that can show updates of your social sites, opera mini recommendations of community sites and other short cuts if you have used ucweb 7 and above you know what am talking of.
* main options menu bar has also been worked on giving a clean streamed line feel.
* speed dial is still there for your please and am sure with the new update server based compression will be further improved, making your browsing even super fast, chrome mobile does stand a chance.
Anyway if you have a phone that qualifies for the update head on to : Download Opera Mini 7 and get a taste of the new version 7.
Update: just realised one of the new cool features include optimized kinetic scrolling and zoom, also your speed dial is not limited to just 9 buttons anymore, mine had 12 am not sure what yours will support as it is phone model dependent. Also improved sorting using drag and drop feature of speed dials for touch screen devices, enjoy and let me know if there are any new cool features you find out about.


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